The first iced tea of the season

Happy Easter long weekend!! Today was a gorgeous today. I came out for the weekend to visit my grandparents and some of my really good friends. I love coming to Victoria because it always feels like I’m coming home. Today was spent shopping with one of my best girlfriends. I was pretty successful actually, walking away with a orange button up sleeveless top, a denim jacket, long sleeved striped top, and a black maxi dress. After our amazing day of shopping we hit up David’s Tea and I tried the tea Daydreamer. Omg. I loved it. It’s a mango tea, which honestly surprised me that I liked because I’m not usually a fruity tea person. Except for peach. And apparently mango. Dried mango is my favourite snack so I suppose it makes sense. Anyways since I’m not allowed to buy more tea until my stockpile is cut in half at least I just bought a cup of iced tea. I love iced tea made with real tea. Definitely my favourite summer drink.

It’s super easy to make too. Just brew your tea at double the strength and pour over ice. You can add a bit of sweetener if you want but just add it when its hot. I like pretty much any tea iced, but just make sure with green tea that you add twice as much tea instead of steeping longer. If you steep it too long it will get bitter.

When I came home, the first thing I did was make myself another cup of iced tea. And here is it: 20130330-190038.jpg



Spring is here!