And the verdict is….

I think I am lactose intolerant. At least to some degree. I finished my month of no dairy and yesterday, I had a glass of milk, a bowl of cereal with milk, perogies, and lasagna ( not all at once, don’t worry:P ) and I felt like crap all day! I don’t think I am REALLY lactose intolerant, just mildly. Honestly though, I have felt a lot healthier when I was doing the no dairy thing because I ended up cutting out a lot of processed crap from my diet as well as things that I probably shouldn’t be eating anyways like cookies, and cakes, and cheese filled smokies. My suppers are usually just grilled chicken or salmon fillets, roasted potatoes, or brown rice (I ran out of rice) and maybe a veg.  The veg thing is a little hard for me. I just don’t like veggies. I have been doing better for snacks. My now go-to snack is dried fruit. I especially love dried mango but it’s not cheap so now it’s dried apricots. So all in all, it wasn’t too bad. Next month is gluten 😐 I’m very afraid.

I started running again. I did 2 km twice this week. Ok well I WENT 2km but I definitely didn’t run the whole way.

I just finished making my friend’s beach bag for her birthday. I LOVE it! I will take some pix and put them up in a bit. It’s probably my favorite bag that I have ever made. I am trying to finish some of my projects, again, so it was first on the list. The other ones are a bit harder. I think I am going to work on the scallop cardigan I started a couple months ago.


Ok I will admit. I have been slacking in the blogging department. I might go back and write some that I wanted to write. Lol. There have been some developments in my life lately so I will start yakking.

1. I’m still unemployed. Woop woop! BUT! I have had one phone interview and one real interview. I totally botched the phone interview. Not gonna lie. I’m not crushed because for one I didn’t really want the job and for two it was my first phone interview ever. The real interview apparently went well because they asked me back for a second interview! The second interview is on Monday so I am super psyched about that. I also have a phone interview on Tuesday for a different company so we will see about that too.

2. Knitting/Crocheting. I am still working on my anklets. They are coming slowly but surely. I took a scarf out of hibernation and I am working on that too. It’s a pink cable scarf and really pretty. I finished my bag, except for the handles, which luckily I am going downtown on Monday so I can check Dressew again for a handle. That’s about it on that front. Not working on anything else at the moment. I should be but I’m not. lol.

3. health! I don’t know if I mentioned that I have been having really bad stomach aches for ages. My doc diagnosed me with IBS, which basically is a blanket diagnosis for stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, etc. Basically anything to do with stomachs. No I don’t have all the symptoms, but the worst is the stomach aches. They are like someone is squeezing my insides. Not cool. Anyways they started happening again and the doc suggested I figure out if I am lactose or gluten intolerant. I decided to test lactose first so I am now on a Lactose Free diet for a month. I started yesterday so this is day 2. It’s a bit harder than I expected. Anyways no milk for me! Hopefully this helps 🙂 At the end of the month I’m supposed to drink a lot of milk and see if I get sick, sounds fun eh?

Time for dinner!