Training at the Track

As promised, my absolutely amazing boyfriend took me and my friend to the track today and pretty much kicked our asses. He had us doing lunches and sprints and butt kicks and high knees and all of that fun stuff that you would expect to hopefully get faster at running. I’m dead tired now! It was a really good workout. I think we ended up doing 6 laps of the track as well. It’s funny actually. I have a lot of trouble when I try to run for distance or basically anything longer than a sprint. But when I sprint, hot damn am I fast! I just need to work on that endurance…

Here’s our trainer showing us how to do some crunches on the bench

Post-workout (we don’t look toooooooo tired, but I definitely feel it!)


In food news, I made some avocado turkey wraps.

Avocado Hummus Turkey Wrap
Original Source: Iowa Girl Eats

1 tortilla wrap
1/2 pickle
2-3 tbsp hummus
1/4 avocado
2-3 slices turkey

Spread the hummus on the wrap, layer the turkey, pickle and avocado. Wrap it up!

This will be the first day in a long time that I actually bring lunch to work. I tried a month ago to make a wrap but I made the mistake of getting brown rice wraps at Whole Foods. Those things do NOT wrap nicely. The ones I got today were Dempster’s Ancient Grain wraps which seem to have a lot of good stuff in them. We’ll see how they taste tomorrow!

No exercise tomorrow, just book club 🙂 I am pretty stoked for that though. Time to pick some new books!