I survived!

As I expected, the run was hard. Oh so hard. I managed to do the whole thing without dying! Yay me! However, the group I was supposed to be in was so unbelievably far ahead of me that I ended up running with the other group anyways. So it got me thinking. Sure. I can run the longer time intervals but
1. Do I want to?
2. Am I getting anything (or enough) out of it?
The other group just does shorter intervals. They are out for the same amount of time and go the same distance. I could go in that group and actually be faster. I’m definitely not getting any faster now. I can run but so so so slow. And realistically I’m not going to be doing the sun run all at once. I’m going to be doing smaller intervals.


2 thoughts on “I survived!

  1. Maybe try the smaller intervals and then if they become to feel too comfortable increase to longer ones? That will help you build your confidence and run stronger!


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