Bathroom clutter GONE

Last week, I finished reading The Happiness Project. It’s a book about a normal woman who wonders if she can be happier. She spends a year trying to be happier by focusing on different parts of her life, such as her energy, her home, her family, her interests. The book really affected me. I’ve been thinking about starting my own Happiness Project. The first step that I am taking is to start decluttering my apartment. Honestly, I like stuff. Ok I love stuff. I love getting great deals, I love having stuff around me, I love knowing that I have something. Wow I sound like a hoarder. Ok I’m not that bad. Yet.


One of the things she talks about is clearing the clutter and you will feel less stressed and your mind will be less cluttered. (At least that’s what I got out of what she said). I started thinking about my apartment and what areas are bothering me the most. The bathroom came to mind first. I can’t remember the last time I did anything but toss something into my under the sink cupboard. I can’t remember the last time I used much of anything that was in my wall cupboard. I figured this was a good place to start. I did some searching on Pinterest and there were a few sites that had sections related to Bathroom Organization. All recommended before and after pictures so I have those for you 🙂

Before – Medicine Cabinet


Before – Wall Cabinet


Before – Under the Sink

After – Medicine Cabinet


After – Wall Cabinet

After – Under the sink


I am pretty happy with it. I threw out a lot of old makeup and random air fresheners and lotions that I haven’t seen in years. I also made a pile for donating. I tend to pick up all the freebies when I stay at hotels so I have TONS of lotions and shampoos. One day I want to have a guest bathroom and be able to display them and use them but honestly, that’s not coming anytime soon.

I think I might tackle the kitchen next…dun dun dun!

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