It’s been too long…

I honestly didn’t realize how long it had been since I had posted anything until I checked just now to post this. I have a reminder set up in my phone to blog, but do I? Apparently not.  Anyways, here I am. How are you?

Things have been pretty crazy these last few weeks.  I went to Victoria for the first Family Day weekend ever, which was pretty awesome.  Had some family time with my grandparents and had an amazing girl’s day with one of my good friends. We went to a tea festival and hit up a fantastic spa. It was the kind of spa that you see on tv. The kind that you walk around in white robes 🙂 It was amazing. I am definitely going back there next time I feel the need to indulge a bit.

Actually, the biggest news is that I finally got a new job!! I have been searching for months to find one that 1. I wanted and 2. wanted me. And I finally did 🙂 I am now working as a Web Application Developer.  I am two weeks in and I am loving it. The work is challenging and interesting and makes me want to go to work. No more counting down the days til Friday (which at my last job usually the counting started Sunday night). So work = happy now.

One oddly great thing about my new job is the commute. I used to live only 10 minutes away from my office, and now it’s about a 40 min trek each way. You would think this was a bad thing. But no. It means I get to spend a lot more time reading. Time that really there isn’t anything else to do with. When I’m at home, I can always find something else to do. Watch TV, crochet, play with my iPad. On the train, there really aren’t any alternatives. Other than sleeping. Or playing on my phone. But I am really trying hard not to do those things lol. I just bring my Kobo with me and read. I finished Save Haven by Nicholas Sparks last week. It was actually a good book. I don’t intend to see the movie though because it looks dumb. I also read “Breaking Night” by Liz Murray. It was a very interesting read. A bit depressing at times. It’s about a girl who had parents who are junkies. She became homeless and couch surfed and basically it’s her whole journey. I recommend it.  So far this year my total book count is 13.  I am reading “The Happiness Project” at the moment and it’s good far. Kind of makes me think about what I can do about my happiness.

On the yarn front, I haven’t bought anything new in awhile and I haven’t started anything either. I am really trying to finish my knitted blanket, which thankfully is almost done. I have a case of finish-itis which is odd but awesome. I don’t want to work on anything but that blanket. I hope I can finish something else after that too.

On that note, I am going to work on my blanket 🙂

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