Knitting (and crocheting!) is cool!

I was talking to a girl at work last week about Christmas and I mentioned that I was knitting someone an afghan. She was shocked. She had no idea that I knit! I usually keep it a bit close to my chest. I love knitting and I love crocheting, and I have a bit of a yarn stash at home, but for some reason, it’s almost like I’m ashamed. I’m not, definitely not, but I guess there is just a bit of a stigma that goes along with knitting. Everyone assumes that only lil ole grannies knit and crochet.  So instead of dealing with the comments/questions/weird looks, I just avoid saying anything at all. I really have to get over that.  I never give people knitted/crocheted presents either because I worry that they would appreciate it and use it.  Some of my friends will, and I give them gifts, but others I just wouldn’t even consider it. I also rarely wear the stuff that I have made. I don’t know why. Actually I guess its the same as all the reasons why I don’t talk about it.

This girl at work is great. She was so excited and went to find her crochet hooks that have been in storage for who knows how long and is now really excited. The girl who sits beside me overheard and now we are going to have a knitting night! I am so excited. I have always wanted a knitting girls night. There is another girl at work that I used to meet up with sometimes but one of the girls we used to meet with moved away and we just kind of stopped doing it.  I hope to revive it as one of my goals for 2013. A monthly girls knitting night.

In short, knitting/crocheting is cool 🙂


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