Dinner tonight – Thai Green Curry with Tofu

I made dinner tonight! Yay me! My goal was to make something that didn’t require me to buy a lot of ingredients, and I think it was a success (somehow I still managed to spend 50 bucks at the grocery store…it happens, ok?). I made a Thai Green Curry using the Trader Joe’s Thai Green Curry Simmer Sauce that I bought a few weeks ago at Trader Joe’s in Bellingham. I basically just cooked up some tofu and some frozen veg and udon noodles (see recipe that I kind of followed here: http://theaspiringrd.com/2011/11/14/the-fridge-diaries-volume-8-trader-joes-thai-green-curry-simmer-sauce/). It was a great easy recipe. Took longer to squeeze the water out of the tofu than anything else!I think next time I might make it with brown rice or some sort of rice. I wasn’t a huge fan of the noodles. But yay! I made dinner!



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