Running again

Hello all

I did it. I went for a run. I have been trying to get back into it for awhile. Ok. By that I mean I have been thinking about it. I don’t know how much you know about me and running or exercise in general so I will explain. Basically, all my life I have been casually active. By this I basically mean once per year. Periodically, I will get it in my head that I want/need to be more active/healthy and will start running or join a gym or go to a fitness class. This rarely lasts longer than a month. I spend a lot of money on fitness. Like the gym pass I has for two years at $45 per month. That I used 10 times. Max. Or the wii fit which lasted….yep about a month. The personal training. That was two months :). Anyways you get the point. Running was different this time around. I decided that I wanted to do the Vancouver Sun Run so I signed up for the training with my boyfriend and ran religiously twice a week, more often three times a week, for 4 months! Even after that I was running at least twice a week with a group. I did another 8 km race. Then ran for a few more weeks. Then got sick. Getting sick completely threw me. It wasn’t anything serious, just a cold/flu but it threw off my routine. Basically since June I have been “trying” to get back to running. So that’s my story. Today I went for a run for the first time in 5 weeks. I went for 25 minutes, 3km, and to be honest, it felt good. My goal is to go again on Wednesday. I’m not ready to rejoin my running group, even though my boyfriend is, because I’m ashamed. I’m so slow. I was always slow and I think that’s what made it so easy to stop running. Don’t get me wrong, they are awesome people and never not once did they make me feel bad about being slow. No one gets left behind. They always made sure to loop and pick me up. I just didn’t enjoy it because I knew I was so much slower. So my plan is to run at least two times per week on my own and get faster. Today is the first step and I wanted to share it.

Happy Monday 🙂

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