Sick Day

I finally caught the flu that has been going around my office. It seems like everyone around me has been sick but I have been FIGHTING it sooo hard. I did not want to get sick at all. I pumped myself up on echinacea and vitamin c and willed the flu to attack someone else. And it did. For awhile. Until I got shingles and my immune system was so busy fighting that, so the flu said “hey! now I will get you!” and it did. So the first gorgeous weekend of the summer/spring and I didn’t leave the couch.  I am feeling a lot better today but still coughing, and to be honest, just gross. So I stayed home. I needed that one more day of rest. However, I am trying to sit up instead of laying down, and watch less tv.  The day has flown by. I actually did laundry, which I am quite proud of.

So before the sickness took over, I had my first knit night with two girls from work 🙂 It was awesome. We had snacks, we knitted/crocheted, and it was fun. I hope to have another one. One of the girls is just learning to crochet and she is just so excited. It’s neat to see.

While I have been sick, I started making a cowl. I needed something to keep me upright instead of laying down and sleeping.  It worked 🙂 I am about 30% done. I think it will be super cute. Pictures to come shortly!


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