I am a starter.  I love to start projects. Love.  The feeling of bringing out a new ball of yarn, or a new pattern, and just starting just makes me so happy. Finishing, however, not so much.  I never really have a plan in mind for any of my projects and I tend to start larger projects that will take some time to finish. Unless the pattern keeps changing, I get bored, and start something else.  I think last weekend, I started 5 different projects. None of which I have worked on or finished since then.  My goal is to finish at least one thing before I start anything else. I have been working on a sleeve for my boss’s iPad. It is crochet so it’s coming along quite nicely and hopefully I will finish it soon. So I can start something else 🙂


Update on the storage situation…I bought a shelf! I bought one from IKEA and it looks awesome! I am still working on filling it with all of my yarn, but so far it looks amazing. I am so happy with it. I also have four drawers in it so I can store my knitting needles, crochet hooks, scissors, etc. I absolutely love it. I wake up now and see all of my yarn. It’s perfect.


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