Work and stress

I am working right now as an application support analyst for a software company.  I never thought I would do customer support, as I have a degree as a developer, and I thought I would just do that instead.  However, I love working with clients.  I am having trouble dealing with the unorganized way the company is run.  Ok, not even the way the whole company, just the way my department has fallen through the cracks.  And there is one guy, who pisses me off more than I can stand.  I hate working with him.  It makes me an angry person.  I feel like he is treating me like an idiot all the time. Treating me not like an equal but someone below him. I am not below him.  We are at the same level and I am not an idiot.  I probably should’ve started with that.  Anyways, I know my stuff.  I kind of have to accept what he says and suck it up.  He makes me feel defensive.  He drives me insane and makes me want to quit.  Today. Walk out.  Obviously that would  be career suicide because I know I have a future with this company and there are a lot of opportunities for me. He just needs to be taken down a few notches. I think in the near future that is going to happen. Just one little email from him can piss me off. He seems so fake like he is using us for his own gain.

I am going to see if some knitting therapy will help me because right now, I’m really angry.


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