No Dairy Day 7

Ok so I guess I am not starting over. Yes I slipped up. Get over it 😛

Breakfast: Cereal with soy milk

Lunch: dried mango

Supper: McChicken, Fries, Iced Tea

Ok I realize I had McDonalds again. I really have to stop that. Tomorrow I promise I will make a real meal. Chester is coming for supper so I am going to make fish. It will be great. I really need to clean my apartment though because it’s a disaster.

I had my interview today. It went pretty well I think. I had a good vibe. Tomorrow is my phone interview which will give me lots of time to clean and cook 🙂 Laundry in the morning I think.

Also, I have found a new crochet project. I know, bad me. I found a bag I want to make. At least I didn’t buy yarn. I just bought handles which were 25 cents. I did want handles for my cable bag but they still didn’t have any!  Lame!


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