Week 1 of no Dairy

I decided that I needed a way to write down everything that I eat in my no dairy diet so here goes nothing:

Day 1: Tues, June 1

Breakfast: Cereal and soy milk

Lunch: leftover pasta and tomato sauce

Supper: Brown rice and leftover stew

Day 2: Wed, June 2


Lunch: Tuna and crackers

Supper: Mu Shu Turkey

Snack: 2 kiwi fruit

Day 3: Thurs, June 3

Late Supper: Crackers and Pepsi slurpee

Day 4: Fri, June 4

Breakfast: a banana

Dinner: Chicken noodle soup + crackers

Day 5: Sat, June 5

Breakfast: banana + 1 cracker

Lunch: 4 chicken mcnuggets, small fries, half a small iced tea

Snack: Peach

Dinner: 6 chicken mcnuggets, half a small iced tea, a little chicken teriyaki

Day 6: Sun, June 6

Breakfast: cereal and soy milk

Snacks: peach, rice chips

Supper: Leftover chicken noodle soup.

Okay so I did a bit of research and apparently the chicken mcnuggets do have dairy. Not cool. So I failed 😦 Oh well. Keep trying!


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