So many projects!

So I think I’m overwhelming myself again. I have a few projects on the go, and I’m not really close to finishing any of them.
1. Ripple Blanket – too damn big! It gets really hot when I work on it.
2. Afterthought Socks – honestly, boring. I want to frog them.
3. Flame Scallop Cardi – The directions got a bit confusing so I haven’t picked it up since I got stuck.
4. Music Mitts – coming along actually…just slowly. Chart knitting is not quick.
5. Cable Bag – I don’t have handles so I don’t feel like working on it. I should finish that last side though.
6. Painting project – Actually, not knitting related. I am painting some canvas art. I was just waiting for the paint to dry.

Today I want to start:
7. An Anklet a Day – soooo cute! They are little anklets. I have a lot of sock yarn too.

I think I am going to work on my cable bag just so it’s more done, and then finish painting, and then make the anklets.



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