New blog!

I have decided that I am getting tired of Blogger and I want to try WordPress. I used it at work a bit and I liked it so why not? It’s free. It barely took any time to set up since I apparently already had an account. This is great so I can actually post from my blackberry if I want to since WordPress has an app for that. It seems that everyone is getting an app lately. I love it. It makes things so much easier. Now if I can only decide on a theme for my blog……

In other news, I’ve been working on my grandma’s cushion cover. Coming along slowly. The yarn has that stale musty smell which I hope will go away. That woman has a LOT and I mean A LOT of yarn. It’s all hidden away in a dresser. It’s such a shame. Everytime I visit her I drool over her stash. I don’t think any of it is really good stuff. Mostly just that Red Heart Super Saver. It’s just the quantity. The things I could make. Sigh. She keeps saying she will clean it all out soon so I wait. I know it will all go to me eventually. I just have to be patient. Yarn is my weakness. I’m not a yarn snob either. I just love yarn. I love what you can do with it. It gives me such satisfaction when I finish a project. It just makes me think, wow. Look what I did. I don’t even need to love what I made, just the fact that I made it. Me. It’s an amazing feeling!

Here is the cushion cover in progress. I have to do a front and the back. This is the front:

On that note, I better get back to it 😛 I want to finish something now!


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