When You Call My Name…

There are some songs that just get stuck in my head. On Sunday evening, I saw the Canadian Country Music Association Awards live in Vancouver. It was such a neat night. I saw so many amazing performers that I have been listening to for years. Huge names were there like Reba and Martina McBride. The funny thing is, the one person I loved seeing the most was Paul Brandt. His cd was the first one I ever owned. I really wish I had seen his concert last week. Now his song “When You Call My Name” is stuck in my head. I love it. It’s such an amazing and sweet song.

I’m still working on my scarves for the 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge. I think I’m up to 12? I think that’s pretty good considering today is the 17th day of the challenge. I’m also making a pretty good dent in the yarn that my granny gave me. None of it is very nice yarn and it’s all random colors but they are coming together nicely for my scarves. I love scarves. I have been thinking about starting my own ravelry group for scarves after this challenge. I love the challenge of doing that many in such a short time period but I want to keep making scarves for charity throughout the year. I tried making squares for Blankets for Canada but I find that scarves are just so much more satisfying for me to make. haha I am the one who will make a bunch of scarves in 30 degree weather in the summer that I have no intention of wearing. That’s how much I love scarves!


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