Weird day


I am in a weird mood. I guess I haven’t blogged in awhile so I will do a recap of the past month. I graduated from university…yay me! I now have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. woot woot. That was exciting. My ceremony isn’t until November but whatever. I am done nonetheless. After graduating, I moved to Vancouver, and am now living on my own for the first time! I have a little apartment which is really the perfect size for me. It is in a fairly nice neighbourhood which is great. I am also still working for the same company that I was in Victoria but now we are based here. It takes me about 40 minutes to get to work which I really don’t think is that bad. My office is TINY. I was working today by myself and I felt a bit claustrophobic. And twitchy. I couldn’t concentrate at all. There is only my boss and me but today he was sick so I thought I would try the office myself. Not a good idea. hehe.

Today I have just felt off. I still haven’t changed my phone number and I am been putting it off .I am trying to sell my car in Victoria but failing miserably. I guess I don’t want to change my number in case someone calls. I know they won’t though. Maybe I am just worried about the move. Changing my number is the last thing I have to do. It seems ridiculous, I know, but it’s a fairly big deal. It makes it real I guess. Haha though I suppose moving all of my furniture and stuff in should have done that. I’m weird I guess.

With regards to my crochet projects, I am currently working on making a whole bunch of scarves for a charity challenge. I have 8 done so far and am working on the 9th. I really want to make 60. I am going to give them to my boyfriend’s mom to give to her church. I am also making coasters for my living room but they are more on an as-needed basis. I love making scarves!


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