hey hey!

Things are changing mighty quickly for me right now. It’s nuts! I have so much on the go that it’s hard to concentrate on anything! My company is moving to Vancouver in September, and I have been asked to move with them, so I went over last weekend and found myself an apartment!!! It is my first time living on my own so I am super stoked. I got a really cute little one bedroom apartment. Not only am I moving, but I am graduating university this month. I have 7 days of classes left plus 1 exam! I don’t even feel like going to classes because I just want to pack. All I can think about is moving.

On that note, I am trying to downsize. I am finding it really hard. I have a lot of stuff that I really don’t need to keep. For example, I have an apartment sized freezer. I am one person. I probably don’t need it. As well, I have a bunch of textbooks. I am never going to read my Math 100 book again. I just need to go through everything.

Crochet related, I have decided I am going to start frogging some projects. I have finished quite a few but I have no urge to use them, such as a bright yellow tiny purse. yay froggin!


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