Why hello there. I haven’t written in a bit but I’ve been really busy with work. I am a web developer and I have been working like crazy since I have a bit of a break before school starts! woohoo. Not. I am not really looking forward to going to school. I just want it all to be done! lol. Almost though…only have three classes and then I am done my university forever. I’m still working on making squares for my charity blanket. I found more yarn under my bed yesterday when my room sort of flooded and I had to move my bed. I actually found a project that I was in the middle of. Two projects. One I think was a bear and another might have been a bag. I started taking the bear apart right away because it was ugly but I haven’t looked at the bag yet. Sigh. I went through a phase where I loved starting things but hated finishing them. Sometimes I still have trouble but I’m way better now. Anyways, back to it!


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