Ok so really. These 50% off chocolate sales at stores the day after Easter are awful. Just awful. I went to Superstore today and I bought myself a really pretty water bottle (yay!) but then walked past the amazing Easter display. I tried. I managed to walk away with a huge bag of Mini Eggs and two of my FAVORITE Easter chocolates ever. Lol and now I feel sick. I don’t have a lot of will power 😛

I’m working on studying today. I have 1.5 sets of slides to read today to finish reading everything and then I need to go over what I have read. Do some examples. Then I’m free!!!

I’ve been crocheting a bit today. Not a whole lot but a bit. I am working on some more squares for my afghan. One day soon I really need to plan it a bit more. Maybe tomorrow after my exam I will look at what I have. I actually want this blanket to look nice, unlike my last one. It was hideous! Here is a picture:

I suppose what it looks likes doesn’t matter as much as the fact that it’s a blanket 😛

Back to studying!


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