Happy Easter!

So that last exam didn’t go as poorly as I expected. I managed to get an A- in the class so I was super stoked when I found out yesterday! Unfortunately, it has not inspired me to study for my exam that I have on Tuesday. Oh well. I am actually not doing too bad. I have managed to read exactly how many slides I wanted to have read for today..ok well almost. I have 1.5 sets of slides left to read tonight. I divided everything up so I didn’t have to cram it all into one day. It’s not really stressing me out. I just want to pass the class. I really wish I knew how my marks were going into the exam. I will be a happy person when it’s over!

I’ve been going hardcore with my charity crocheting today. And yesterday. Today I went through all of my yarn and figured out exactly how much I have. I also decided yesterday that I want to make washcloths for the women’s shelter in town so I have been working on those. I have made two so far today 😀 . I figure I will take them to the women’s shelter first and if they don’t want them (I have no idea why they wouldn’t but I worry about things like that hehe), I will just take them to the regular shelter or the Salvation Army or something. I’ve also been making squares for my latest Blankets for Canada afghan. I’ve reached a bit of a wall though because all of my squares appear to be slightly different sizes. Ok more than slightly. I’m just having trouble calculating how many I need to make the blanket the right size. I’m just going to continue making them and hope for the best.

Ok back to studying!


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