So Tuesdays suck. They aren’t horrible horrible days but they don’t seem to be great. They just seem…off. I can never get out of bed, and today I woke up with a headache. Tomorrow I am housesitting for two nights which should be good. I’m going to bring my Boxy Lady with me so I can finish it. I am not really thrilled about havin to line it. I just don’t want to. I like just finishing things and being done. I really want to start something else. Tuesdays are also days when I am a bit…out of it. I just feel very unsatisfied and like to start new things. Ie: new projects! haha. I have a bag that I want to start for a CAL. Actually two bags. One is going to be green for a green themed CAL and I am not sure what I’m going to do the other one in. I’m not super thrilled with Boxy Lady right now but I figure I should continue it and at least finish it since I am soooo close. Sigh. You see? Tuesdays suck. Very indecisive. And not about things I have to do 😀 Those I just don’t do.

Anyways. that’s all for now!


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