Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Hey there! happy vday everyone!!

So my boyfriend forgot. lol. I knew he would. I love him to bits but he isn’t really…good with the holidays. When he knows about them, he is good. He just forgot. He felt really guilty so I wasn’t too terribly upset. Sometimes, because we are doing the whole long distance thing, every weekend I see him feels like Valentine’s Day. it’s really awesome actually. Granted, I would rather I saw him every day.

I have been housesitting for the past three weeks and I am finally home! It feels so nice to be in my own place with my stuff and NO MORE CATS!! haha. I love the cats but soooooo much cat hair on EVERYTHING. It drove me nuts!

I haven’t done a lot of crocheting lately. I finished my blanket, which I will post pics of soon as soon as I can find my camera…I started another blanket. I want one that is big enough for my boyfriend and I to cuddle under…I started one but I am not sure it will be big enough so I might take it apart. I think I want to make something about queen sized.

Anyways…I’m gonna finish unpacking!


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