Good afternoon!

So I have a bit of a decision to make. I will tell you the whole story. I have a car. It has been acting up lately and its not the first time. It’s an automatic but it stalls periodically and it really freaks me out. I hate sitting in traffic thinking I wonder if my car will break down now? My uncle is a bit of a mechanic and last time it did this, he fixed a whole bunch of stuff in it. It worked for two years and then this time, after Christmas, it started acting up. My parents say I should sell it and I can have my mom’s car. The thing is, I love my car. I hate the idea of selling it. I get attached to things. My mom has a point though. Why own it if I am afraid to drive it? Sigh. I guess that’s that. I sell it.

Today is my one year anniversary with my boyfriend. I love him so much! Right now we are doing a long distance relationship so we are celebrating it next weekend. He really is great. sigh. ❤

Talk later!


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