Well today I went to the gym. YAY ME!! lol. I have been doing personal training for the past little while, but today was my first day on my own. My rec center offered this really neat program called Fast Track where you sign up for 8 sessions and you are supposed to do them twice a week for four weeks. It turned out really awesome. I actually got 10 sessions and they definitely took more than 8 weeks but it was so awesome! My trainer was the best. She was around my age and we just got along great. The last session we had was a catch up session where she gave me a program to do on my own. I really actually like going to the gym, but I definitely had to force myself to go.

I’m back at school. It’s a bit of a drag. I am taking four classes: Software Quality Engineering, Data Mining, Web Design, and Ethics and Professional Issues in Software Engineering. The last two are probably my favorite ones. The first two are just dull. I only have this semester plus one more so I’m going ok.

As for my crochet projects, I have a few too many on the go as usual. I am trying to finish some. My main project is working on a blanket for Blankets For Canada. I LOVE making blankets for them because it just feels so rewarding. My last blanket went to a church that housed homeless people when it’s cold out. It just feels so nice to think that someone is using my blanket right now. Other than that I think I have two scarves, an afghan, a pair of mitts, and oh a bag..and maybe a few other projects on the go. The afghan is making me a bit angry at the moment so I have stopped working on it. The problem I have with afghans is I fall in love with them when I start them, but then I just get tired of them. Too long I guess.

Anyways! Thanks for listening!


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