Almost time for bed…

A bit of rambling for me. I am super tired, yet I am waiting up to finish getting an episode of my new favorite show, Army Wives. Seriously, I love it. Also, I am going on a trip on Friday and it’s going to be a hell long bus ride (16 freaking hours) and I am trying to figure out what to crochet. I know I want to bring something. Not only is it a freaking long bus ride there ,but also back, and I am staying with my parents. Chances are, I will need something to amuse myself. Unfortunately, it needs to be portable, so small. There’s a hat on ravelry I want to make so maybe that and a scarf. I do want to make Short n Sweet out of SnB book but I dunno. I haven’t decided yet what I want to make it out of…I will have to ponder that…yay sale at Michaels!


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